Thoughts, Emotions, Actions

Thoughts can generate a number of emotions. Emotions are simply energy in motion through the body. Emotions manifest in the body and that is feeling. For example, when sad, we may feel that lump in our throat or have a heavy heart. When nervous or fearful, we may feel it in the pit of our stomach. We feel joy as that tingle down our spine. When angry we feel it in our neck, shoulders or jaw. Emotions and feeling show up in a number of places. Our emotions often cause us to take some sort of action. Apathy leads to lethargy. Forgiveness leads to cooperation, and passion leads to creation. Have you ever taken action on your emotion and later felt bad about it? Or maybe really good? In theory, thoughts lead to feelings, which cause us to take action ulitmately producing a result. It may not be the result you want, but needless to say it is still a result. We have to ability to build our emotional maturity by allowing our body to lead us to awareness. Before you take action, take 90 seconds to acknowledge what you're feeling. This will help you move it from the unconscious to the conscious. This allows you space needed before taking action. I know 90 seconds seems like an eternity. It is an eternity that can save you from unnecessary stress, strained relationships, and regret. Take 90 seconds and...breathe!

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