Taming Your Gremlin

Gremlins. I’m not talking about the ones from the 1984 film (for those of us that remember). I‘m talking about the Gremlins sending you messages that hold you back. Gremlins are not necessarily bad as they are there to protect us from something or someone. Perhaps your Gremlin told you not to apply for that new job, because let’s face it your not really qualified for it. Or, don’t tell that person how you really feel because it will just end badly. Yes, Gremlins can protect us from feeling hurt, rejected, or overlooked. However, Gremlins can be a little selfish by holding you back. They want you all to themselves. We never really get rid of our Gremlins, but we can tame them. if you were to give your Gremlin a name, what would it be? The next time it drops by ask it to leave. It may sound something like this, “Oscar I know you stick around to protect me, but I don’t need you right now. I got this!” Now, Gremlins are resilient and will keep coming back just like in the movie. In your movie, you are the director, producer and star! Sometimes Gremlins just don’t make the cut. That is up to you!

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