According to the Oxford dictionary, a perceptual illusion is misperception of a stimulus object, event, or experience, or a stimulus that gives rise to such a misperception or misconception. We create our world based on our own perceptions. It is what we want to see, not what is. In a sense we create what we actually want to happen. We create our world through our own reality. Think about this, you love Coca Cola. You're at a picnic and a friend brings you a soda. Before you look at the label, you take a sip and spit it out because as it turns out, it's root beer. How dare they? In your mind, you were looking forward to that Coca Cola and your sensory perceptions immediately shut you down. It was unexpected, and your brain did not have control over what is was tasting. This is a simple example of how we hold ourselves back from trying something new. Think about the perceptions you have created in your own life. What might happen if you break free of those perceptions? Apply for that promotion, learn something new, mend a broken relationship, or revise a goal you had for yourself in the past that maybe didn't work out at the time? The list goes on. If you learn to focus on discovering the joy of something new and create a new reality for yourself, you may surprise yourself. You are limitless so don't let your perceptions limit you.

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