B is for Brain

How do you tap into your brain's potential to change? As adults our brains permit change if it judges the change to be important, rewarding, or good for it. Repetition, practice, reinforcement, and motivation are the catalyst for change. Impatience often causes us to give up on change as the process takes time, causes frustration and feels uncomfortable. What habits do you fall into that prevent you from achieving the change you want? Is it being constantly available to others in which you do not have time to do the things you enjoy? Is it getting angry before every meeting because "you know who" is going to be there? Do you practice negative self-talk every time you miss a workout? Freeing ourselves of these habits can free up our brain's capacity for more complex thoughts or actions. On average it takes 66 days to form a new habit. What habit do you want to change so you can allow for greater levels of energy in your life. After all, you can teach an old brain new tricks!

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