A is for Apathy

Apathy is the lack of feeling, emotion, interest or concern. It is the feeling of not feeling. Ironic, right? Apathy prevents us from experiencing life, searching for our true purpose, moving towards our goals and dampens our sense of curiosity. Apathy as the definition states is a feeling, but it is also an attitude. Indifference, disconnected, dispassionate. It's basically an "I don't give a damn" attitude. Have you ever been afraid to act on something because you thought you would fail? Are you worn down by the same old routines? Have you given something up that would give you a more joyful and fulfilled life? Have you started to work towards a goal and give up because it just doesn't seem worth it? Although apathy can become severe (in cases of mental illness), many of us we can overcome apathy by adapting new attitudes towards our goals, life, society, you name it. Here are a few pointers to overcome apathy:

  1. Stop making assumptions that just because it happened a certain way the first time, it will happen that way again.

  2. Create a space of empathy and compassion for yourself.

  3. Forgive yourself for past transgressions and insensitivities (after all, we are human).

  4. Become a problem solver. Find out what isn't working and try a new way of doing things. If that doesn't work let go and move on.

  5. Inject something new into your routine. (I know you'll think of something).

  6. Challenge apathy. In the moments where apathy creeps in, think of a time when you felt enthusiastic and alive.

  7. Think of a small goal to help you re-engage with life. You know that weekend road trip you want to take... do it! It doesn't have to be complex.

  8. Keep a journal of how each experience makes you feel and refer back to it.

If you can't do it alone, it's ok. Think about enlisting someone who understands the dynamics of your dilemma and can offer viable ways to overcome it. After all, now is all there ever is!

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